Since the Himalayan Nature Society has started the Dharamshala Dog Care Centre Project commenced in October 2006 in a make shift rented room in Mcleodganj, over 23 veterinarians, many being volunteered from different Nationalities, have worked on the Dharamsala Dog Care Centre and contributed their expertise.

As the Dharamshala Dog Care Centre project became more streamlined in 2008, we found that expert staff is very much needed to run the project effectively than Himalayan Nature Society approached and requested to “Help In Suffering” at Rajasthan to train our staff in Humane Dog Catching and Compounding. We are greatly thankful to the entire team of “Help In Suffering” and Dr.Jack Reece and Dr.Chawla to train our staff members Mr.Parveen Kumar, Mr.Sher Singh and Mr.Surinder Kumar.

One of our staff member Mr.Surinder Kumar has also attended advanced training of ABC (Animal Birth Control) & Dog Catching at National Institute of Animal Welfare, Ballabhgarh-Haryana.This training has been organised by Animal Welfare Board of India under the instruction and guidance of Dr.Mark Johnson from Montana, USA.



Vet Clinic

Deputy Commissioner of Kangra, Government of Himachal Pradesh awarded us land to construct the animal clinic, kennels, shelter and office in the token of our activities.
At present we have constructed two rooms Clinic cum Operation Theater to perform in house vet treatment and Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies Vaccination.
Kennels has been also constructed to house 16 dogs at a time to perform pre and post operative care for the Animal Birth Control project.